The choices we still can make

None of us have a choice about growing older. It’s happening whether you like it or not. But you still have a lot of choices when it comes to what you can do about your various circumstances. Especially about your choices of attitude and outlook on life.

A couple of years ago, I hit a guy who was walking in front of my car in a grocery store parking lot. It was dark, I was driving slowly, and needless to say I didn’t see the man until it was too late. I just nudged him, but he fell down before quickly gathering himself and scrambling back to his feet. Fortunately, he was more scared than hurt.

The next day, I made the difficult choice to go to the state Department of Licensing and turn in my driver’s license. Since my peripheral vision had deteriorated, my decision was actually a no brainer.

While I won’t deny that I still miss driving today, my loss of freedom to get in my car and take off for wherever hasn’t been nearly as bad as you might imagine. I’ve found that public transportation around here is pretty darn good. And also inexpensive, particularly if you’re a senior.

Besides, since the bus normally doesn’t stop right where I’m going, I need to walk a little more than I would if I were driving. So I get the added bonuses of more exercise and better health. Which brings me back to the choices you can make in spite of the apparent speed bumps you’ll never completely be able to avoid.

No, you won’t get any medals for making better choices when you’re forced to. But I think you’ll be happier when you keep your head up, change course, and do your best to stay positive. If I still haven’t convinced you, you’re welcome to make a different choice and simply call me Polly Alan.


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