The Best and Worst of Times

Has there ever been a better time to be a writer and write? I both seriously and cynically doubt it. There are just so, so many great subjects to consider.

The state of our present state is an obvious choice. Not the state we live in so much, but the other Washington. What a mess, in my not very humble opinion. A president who isn’t all there. If that guy is really the genius he says he is, the millions of citizens who voted against him weren’t too smart. Maybe our government should shut down to regroup. I dream of a decent leader who’s capable of telling the truth. When too few people watch a dim-witted tv reality show, the program gets cancelled.

Are immigrants a major problem? I can think of many who’ve helped to make America actually great. Whatever happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses?” You know the rest. Or “Our shining city on a hill?” Seems as if those mostly old white guys in our nation’s capitol have done their share of damage. I’ve taken to calming myself by believing we’ll survive as long as we’ve got more good than bad people.

Tell me again why we don’t have universal health care like all the world’s happiest countries? I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that we spend more on national defense than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the UK, India, France and Japan. Combined! That’s definitely impacting our mammoth deficit, which is somewhat larger than my personal credit card debt.

My hope is that people keep marching, resisting and voting like they’ve never done before. There are so many things we need to change. That glass ceiling might be more enduring than the wall Mexico’s going to build for us. Most likely to keep us out. Then there are those pesky issues of equal pay and mutual respect in the workplace, not to mention the big office in the White House still waiting for a smart, compassionate female occupant. Perhaps someone with a higher approval rating both here and around the world.

Does a booming economy offset everything else? What about a big heart and the willingness to share? Couldn’t each of us make do with a little less so those who are struggling could have a bit more? Just picture college tuition that’s truly affordable, and hard workers earning a livable living.

I realize I’ve gone on too long and over the top. Even I sometimes get fed up with all the liberal whining. Perhaps what’s really true is that whether you live in a red or blue state, this entire country of ours has simply gone to pot…and not the good kind either.


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