Do Birds Tweet as Much?

I’ve always thought that just one man or woman could make a difference in the world. But in my wildest dreams I never imagined how huge a difference one person could make. I greatly underestimated Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s influence on all of us in the last 200-plus days has been no less than mind- boggling. I mean how often is something Trump said or done been the first thing in the morning or last thing at night you’ve thought about? Thousands, no probably millions of people are angry, upset or anxious each and every day because of his unending tweets. Do birds tweet as much?

Just keeping up with the real or fake news about Trump can give you a headache. Are immigrants really taking the jobs we want? Where’s that great health care we’ve been promised? Or that beautiful border wall?

Is that fire and fury the world has never seen going to be shown to North Korea? Are the Russians our buddies and the Chinese our enemy? Is James Comey a nut case, Robert Mueller a witch hunter, and David Duke an unwanted suitor. Whew!

I don’t know about you, but Trump did this and that is wearing on me. Trump is having such an incredible, unbelieveable influence. I can’t even wear my red baseball cap out in public anymore for fear of ridicule––even though it definitely doesn’t say “Make America Great Again.”


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