Better Than Fair to Middlin’

It’s probably because I’m becoming an older guy––notice I didn’t say old––that I’ve started taking stock of my life every couple of months now to see how I’m living. Better than fair to middlin’ is what I came up with most recently.

I live in Edmonds, a few miles north of Seattle, and who could complain about that? Edmonds is a pretty, relatively small and manageable place cozying right up to the beautiful Puget Sound. Just a few months ago, the town’s downtown added a fancy new public restroom complex, built for a mere $425,000. An older guy definitely appreciates something like that.

An older guy is also aware that a new Top Pot Donut shop is being built near Edmonds’  Amtrak station and ferry terminal, and a gorgeous new multi-million-dollar Edmonds Waterfront Center including a new Edmonds Senior Center is on the drawing board.

I must confess though that everything in my life isn’t totally new, shiny and bright. Just up the street from where I live, across from Edmonds-Woodway High School, is a major sewer construction project that promises to kick up a lot of dirt and make traffic awful around here until next Thanksgiving or Christmas. Happy holidays!

Still, whenever I want I can hop on this area’s good public transportation system and make my way to a variety of nearby attractions. On many days, especially our many rainy ones, I can join hundreds of other folks who walk inside Alderwood Mall in nearby Lynnwood to get their exercise.  People are starting to forecast that Amazon and other online sellers are slowly killing malls. If it turns out they’re right, it’s going to be interesting to see who goes first, the mall or me.


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