Letter to Trump

So, Mr. Trump, we’re sorry but we still can’t bring ourselves to call you president. It’s hard enough to even call you Mr.  You may share the podium with Ms. McCarthy of SNL and be the most powerful celebrity apprentice in the free world, but guess what? You’ll never be able to convince us, we the people, that you’re the real deal.

Lie and say whatever, immigrants have been very good for America. In fact, they’ve helped make our country great long before you came along. It might be nice if you took the time to get to know a few, including your own wife. Immigrants and refugees from all over the world have come here and done and are doing amazing things. Many of them are running small businesses that pay a lot of taxes. You know all about paying and not paying taxes, right?

Our millions of immigrants have made quite a name for themselves in high tech and scientific fields. Helping us communicate better and collect important data. Oh, I forgot, you’re not exactly the poster child for solid factual information, are you? It’s what you call false news or alternate facts. Do you know what alternate facts really are? They’re lies.

Speaking of false news, we’d seriously like to know why you have such a dislike for the media. Have you ever thought about where you’d be today without it? Maybe still hawking your line of neckties.

You say you’re going to make us safe and give us jobs. But how safe are we if you cut regulations to protect us from Wall Street or bad air? Or build a great wall or add to our military might that’s already several times over the most fearsome in the world?…at the expense of many programs including education, Social Security and health care.

OK, we will admit, this ranting is getting a bit excessive. Sort of like your ego and tax deductions.


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