A Different Silent Night

Quiet time is such a blessing. Like a snow day for your mind. When it’s quiet, you can think. And the possibilities are infinite. I’ll bet most of the great inventors first came up with their ideas for break throughs when it was quiet. Or dreamed of their inventions and then set out to develop them.

Quiet, dark time is best for sleeping of course. But when it’s totally silent, you can also hear wonderful things you normally can’t detect, like birds chirping or frogs ribbiting. Or the rain, wind or waves rolling in and out. Natural stuff.

If you’ve got a problem or are troubled or stuck, there’s nothing better than to calm yourself by getting quiet. When you do, many times the perfect solution will just come to you in your peace and silence.

Do you feel as if you’re on some treadmill, like a hamster, just spinning around and around. Stop that treadmill, hop off and get a little rest. Get quiet. You’ve always got other choices you can make to change what’s not working for you. In the quiet, you can clear your head, refresh yourself, renew your spirit.

Rejuvenation is always possible. Don’t let the turkeys get you down. Sleep on it. Turn off all the noise and negativity. Slow down, get quiet and clarity will come to you.

Quiet is the antidote for chaos. It’s perfectly OK to occasionally shut out the entire world and treat yourself to an inner retreat. Silent night, holy night, are the words to a beautiful Christmas song, as well as a nice reminder to enjoy the many year-round gifts of quiet time.


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