If I Were President…

If I were President, we’d have more immigrants from all over the world. All of us except Native Americans were immigrants ourselves once. Immigrants not only built this country, they have made and continue to make monumental contributions to America. Our country wouldn’t be what it is without them.

New arrivals, who would be thoroughly vetted, would be encouraged to learn English of course. If for no other reason than to understand their own children, who would benefit from an improved first-class elementary and secondary education system here. For those who want it, college would be substantially subsidized for all students with good grades and potential. Student debt would be much less burdensome than it is now.

I did some Googling, and our current annual military budget of over $600 billion is almost $400 billion more than China and Russia’s combined. So if we cut military spending by about 30 percent, we could use that savings to help all of our people who need a little support. We would still have a defense that’s more than twice the size of the countries with the next two largest militaries. Isn’t the real purpose of government to serve the people? Maybe if we had a smaller military, we would work harder to maintain peace.

Medicare for all, or something similar, would not only protect everyone, it would stimulate our economy because people wouldn’t be crushed if they had medical expenses. Everyone would be better off, including the country as a whole.

All people who work full time would receive a livable wage, a minimum of $15 per hour today. Do the math, $15 times 40 hours is still only $600 a week and just over $30,000 a year. No matter where you happen to live, that certainly doesn’t provide for a cushy lifestyle.

Yell about the 2nd Amendment all you want, I hate guns. We’d be safer with fewer of them. So what’s the problem with banning assault weapons and making it harder to get guns for people with mental problems or those who may want to hurt us?

Money in politics is another thing I feel strongly about. Why can’t we make it illegal to pay a politician anything other than a salary for public service? Do away with lobbyists. Give candidates for office a set amount for campaigning, depending on the position they’re seeking. Greatly simplify the process.

I realize I’m sounding a little like Bernie Sanders here. I really wanted him to win. But, alas, he didn’t, and so I’m trying to pick up a bit from where he left off. Rest assured, though, that even with these sincere musings, being President of the United States is the very last job on earth I’d ever want. I think a person would have to be crazy to want to be President. Perhaps that explains why we have the candidates we now have.


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