Just Chill

When I wake up Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, later this year, my dog is still going to love me. My wife will remind me to take out the garbage. Taking out the garbage is maybe my most important chore, because it keeps me humble. I’ll also need to do some laundry and grocery shopping. It’ll probably be raining, since it usually does that time of year near Seattle, where I live.

CNN, the internet and the local newspaper will be crammed with stories about yesterday’s presidential election. There’ll be winners and losers, and a gazillion so-called experts explaining what happened.

After watching some election coverage and reading for a few minutes, I’ll catch the bus to the community college where I help teach English as a second language. Whatever the outcome of the election, I’ll try not to inject my opinions in the classroom. That’s not easy for opinionated me.

For all the endless political prattle we will have endured for well over a year, I’ll welcome the conclusion if not the results.

The Seahawks will still be playing. We’ll begin planning our Thanksgiving dinners and holiday travel, continue paying our bills, take care of our kids, and do our jobs.

So what am I trying to say here? Just to keep all the present media mania in perspective. Stay calm, chill, your blood pressure will thank you. Whoever wins the election, our lives are going to go on pretty much the same. As long as there are more good than bad people, and there are, good is going to prevail. We’re going to be just fine.


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