One Key to Happiness

Simple living doesn’t have to mean living poorly. Not at all. Rather, it can mean living richly without riches. More importantly, living simply can mean living more happily and peacefully. Being content with all you have, even if it’s not all that much, can be a pretty happy state of affairs. I think quite a case can be made for a happy life with inner peace due to living within your means. Living a nearly stress-free life, to me, is completely attainable.

As an older, semi-retired person, it’s no doubt easier for me to be content with what I have than for someone who’s younger than I am. I already have everything I need in the way of material stuff. Social Security and a couple of pensions help keep a roof over my head and food on the table, plus a little something for a weekly night out and an occasional trip. I could still earn a few extra dollars a month if I chose to work, but choose to volunteer instead.

It seems to me that many folks mistakingly work way too hard just to acquire more stuff. Does buying a house or car that costs more than you can realistically afford really make you happier. Is the stress you experience while paying them off worth it. Most agree that stress can kill you. 

I may not have the proof to convince you, but I believe there are many people in America who aren’t as happy as those in other countries who have far, far less material means.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with money and possessions. But as we’ve all heard many times throughout our lives, money can never buy you happiness. Sorry, but you can be too rich or thin. Folks who are almost always happy, and are generally in a good mood, are typically content with their more than half-full take on life. Enough can be enough. More and more can be too much. If you could truly choose to be happy, why wouldn’t you? As simple as it may seem, you really can make this choice.


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