Wed for Less

I’m not much for ceremonies or pretension. I love baseball, but Opening Day when our team is introduced to the accompaniment of booming music, exploding fireworks and fake fog is not my cup of Pepsi.

Same for all the pomp and circumstances, not to mention truck loads of money, that go into the average but no-so-average wedding these days. Even with the economy being what it is. Just what are some otherwise rational people thinking, I wonder, when they plan weddings that easily ring up as much as $50,000?

You only get married once isn’t the strongest of reasons, I can attest, to justify shooting the works and the bride and groom’s budget for years to come. Or all too often, the retirement of the happy-for-now couple’s dear mom and dad.

Wouldn’t a pretty dress that costs thousands of dollars less than a designer wedding gown do? And tell me why wedding dinners, cakes, flowers, photos, etc., cost so much more than the same things that aren’t for a wedding?

Which brings me to this bright idea I’ve had for a new business. Weddings R Us or Wed 4 Less, I haven’t settled on the exact name just yet. I can’t believe that some savvy wedding planner hasn’t already made her or his niché by offering a nuptial package that doesn’t break the dowry.

We’ve all made the mistake of living beyond our means for most of our lives. Hasn’t our economy been based on this? So isn’t now the perfect time to finally get real? Living within our means for a change won’t be that bad, it could just be a whole lot more comfortable and less stressful.

Who needs that sterling platter or crystal vase anyhow? Whatever happened to simply eloping?


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