There’s No Place Like…You Know


Edmonds, Washington, about a dozen miles north of Seattle on Puget Sound, is about as good a place as it gets. At least travel guru Rick Steves of Europe Through the Back Door, PBS and NPR thinks so. When Rick’s not traveling, he makes his home and headquarters in Edmonds along with about 40,000 other contented folks.

Although I’ve lived in Edmonds for just eight years now and have not traveled the world, I have to agree with Rick. Winter and spring are a little rainy but mild, and summer and most of fall are pleasantly comfortable with high temperatures in the 70s. The air is always fresh and clean, the water and mountain views and sunsets are spectacular, there’s plenty of free parking and traffic is minimal.

Everything anyone could possibly need or want is nearby, including a large organic grocer, outdoor community swimming pool, well-stocked modern library, exceptional schools, underwater scuba diving park, independent movie theater, bookstores, art galleries, restaurants and pubs with live music. There are not one but two Starbucks, as well as a nice marina, performing arts center, fishing pier and off-leash dog park.

If you like great seafood, especially wild Alaskan salmon and local mussels and oysters, sailing, farmer’s markets and endless festivals, you might want to visit Edmonds. Ferry boats coming and going, abundant bird life including majestic bald eagle and great blue heron sightings, a wide sandy beach, jetty, summer concerts in the park, lush green trees and lawns and bright flowers, plus a very lively arts scene help paint the picture.

OK, after this totally truthful endorsement I’m pretty sure the local chamber will let me remain living in my townhouse across the street from Edmonds/Woodway High School. I’ve gotten sort of use to the excited public address announcer, loud cheering fans and marching band music every Friday and Saturday night during fall when high school football is being played within earshot. When I begin to drift off to sleep on many evenings, I also get to hear the distant tunes of train whistles and ferry horns.  

Yes, I truly doubt I could find a nicer spot to call home anywhere else. My backyard backs up to a forest with a small creek that gently rises during the rainy season. When the weather is only fit for the birds, two or three ducks put in their annual appearance. 

So while I’ve occasionally pondered whether to move and rent somewhere else or keep my place, due to its presently underwater status, I’ve found permanent peace with where I am and belong. Along with my lively Pomeranian pup who lives with me, I’m one happy fellow who has come home to Edmonds.


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