One to Grow On

Birthdays come and birthdays go,

just like the days of our lives.

As hard as we try, we can’t change that fact

with face lifts or bottled hair dyes.


Though we watch what we eat and cut down on sweets,

our tummies continue to grow.

It isn’t right that we have to count bites,

we’ve got a tough row to hoe.


We don’t move as fast as we once could do,

our legs just won’t work the same.

The older we get, we’re more of a wreck,

we can’t run as far, it’s a shame.


As our noses get bigger, we lose our scent.

Our larger ears hear less.

We have to get thicker glasses, see,

our lives become more of a test.


Though our bodies break down

and our brain cells do shrink,

life’s still worth living

for a few things, I think.


Like senior discounts

at restaurants where we dine

on soft foods like mashed potatoes

with gravy oh-so-fine.


We’re old enough to drink

and see X-rated movies,

paid by Social Security,

what could be more groovy?


Life goes on, regardless,

for better and for worse.

We might as well keep celebrating,

we’re not ready for the hearse.



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