No iLife for Me

I almost made a really bad, life-changing decision last week. At least for me. I nearly succumbed to all the hype to get the new iPhone 5. Fortunately, after putting down a $50 deposit to pre-order the thing, I came to my senses and canceled the deal. The more simple life I am seeking would have expired if I’d followed through. A simple life and an iLife are too complicated for me.

I already have a fine computer for writing. And emailing and surfing the web. It’s an iMac, so I’ve already done my part to support Apple and our economy. To me, my home office is the best place to get my fill of news, politics, music, sports and other entertainment. The iPhone is just another computer with a tiny screen. Another computer that’s mobile but nowhere near as capable as an iMac.

Sorry Siri, I don’t need your help. If I want to find a recipe, restaurant or movie, I can instantly Google it. The latest weather, sports score or online special is right at hand––by way of a keyboard that’s plenty large enough for my stubby fingers. Budgeting and paying my bills through my credit union have never been easier than on my big, crystal clear color screen.

Who wants to pay for a data plan if you don’t need it? I’d rather see a real happy bird than a fake angry one. And live my simple life instead of wasting whatever time I have left holding hands with the newest, fanciest digital gizmo.


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