How to live appily ever after

Up until now, I have been quite the curmudgeon about the advent of technology in my 70-plus years. I railed particularly against smart phones for pretty much ruining good face-to-face, personal conversations. Six years ago, it was me who blogged “No iLife for me. I’d much rather live my simple life instead of wasting whatever time I have left holding hands with the newest, fanciest digital gizmo.”

That simple life path is still what I’m on, but I have to admit I’ve recently made a couple of technological detours. I’ve started using a few new apps for me that are actually making my life even more simple.

Since I’ve stopped driving due to a vision challenge, I’m relying daily on a hugely useful bus trip planner app that tells me when and where to catch my ride. I’m also taking advantage of two nice free online trials, 60 days of non-commercial Pandora music plus 30 days of Amazon Prime Pantry. The latter offer delivers non-perishable groceries right to my front door for what I think is a very reasonable price.

For example, I just received an order of groceries that was much too heavy for me to carry at one time on the bus––cans of cream of chicken soup and sloppy joe sauce, a box of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, several containers of cran-grape and V-8 juice, and multiple bottles of vitamin water, iced tea and Pepsi delivered to my condo for a total of $20. I’m also getting some discounts at Safeway by using their new “Just for You” app.

You see, I’m not so hopelessly old school now. I can be flexible while living more appily as long as you don’t try to tell me what to do. You really can teach an old codger a few new techie tricks.